Ford Focus LPG Problems

Updated February 21, 2017

The Ford Focus dual fuel system offers the driver the option of using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or gasoline, depending on the length of the drive, engine load, driver preference or other factors.

No Fuel

If the Ford Focus reads no LPG fuel when fuel levels are full, the LPG hose may be damaged or clogged. Shut off the fuel tank's liquid service valve, disconnect the hose, then turn the liquid service valve back on. If LPG fuel does not rush out of the hose, the hose is clogged. Flush out the hose obstruction and reconnect it.

System Failure

If the LPG system fails, frost on the liquid service valve, which can occur in cold conditions, may be to blame. Open the liquid service valve and wait for the frost to dissipate, then close the valve to restore proper LPG system function.

Reduced Power

Reduced engine power may be due to premature wear of the cylinder head. Install a Ford cylinder head specifically designed for dual petrol/LPG engines to resolve the problem.

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