Why Is the Seat Belt Warning Light Staying on in a Ford Explorer?

Updated March 23, 2017

Most modern vehicles have seat belt warning lights. In the Ford Explorer, the system is referred to as the "Belt Minder" system. This system activates a warning to remind you to connect your Explorer's seat belt.

How It Works

The seat belt warning light appears in the right corner of the instrument cluster when the driver's-side seat belt is unbuckled and the engine is turned on. The seat belt connection has a small sensor in it that sends the information to the cluster. A warning chime accompanies the seat belt light.

Why is the Light On?

The seat belt light and warning chime are on because the seat belt is not connected. As long as the system is operational, attaching your seat belt will turn the light and chime off. If doing so does not turn the light and chime off, there is likely a problem with the seat belt connection sensor. See a mechanic or your authorised Ford dealer for assistance.

How to Deactivate the Light

The seat belt light and warning chime can be deactivated. The deactivation is not permanent; one can reactivate the light and warning by repeating the deactivation procedure. To deactivate the light and chime, turn the ignition to the "Run" position. Make sure the transmission is in "Park." Make sure the seat belt is disconnected and wait for the light to turn off. (This takes roughly two minutes.) Connect and disconnect the seat belt nine times. Wait a few seconds, then connect and disconnect it again to deactivate the light and chime.

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