BMW K1200s Problems

Updated July 20, 2017

The BMW K1200S is a motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad. The bike has been around since 2005. It is a high-precision sport bike that is completely different from the other motorcycles within the K family.


The K1200S model is categorised as a super-sport touring machine because it looks like a supersized sport bike. The engine generates 167 horsepower, which give the bike impressive speed.


The K1200S has had its share of problems, such as transmission failures. BMW claims such failures may have resulted from defective components or from an assembly problem during manufacturing. Owners have reported other problems with the fuel injection system.


If you bought a BMW K1200S and are experiencing problems, contact the BMW dealer that you purchased the bike from as soon as the problems occur. BMW may or may not replace or repair any of the manufacturing problems, so read the bike's warranty carefully. Consider purchasing BMW's extended warranty plan as well.

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