Can I put my portable fire pit on the grass?

Written by misty amber brighton | 13/05/2017
Can I put my portable fire pit on the grass?
A portable fire pit helps campers enjoy being outdoors during cold weather. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

To fully enjoy a portable fire pit, safe operation of this equipment is necessary. For best results, make sure you place your fire pit in the right location. Grassy areas are suitable if they are maintained properly.


Place your fire pit on a level surface away from fences, buildings or trees. The surface can be dirt, grass, concrete, gravel or any other nonflammable material. Make sure the legs of your fire pit are sturdy and not missing any bolts or screws.


Remove debris from the area where you are placing your fire pit. Rake up any leaves, pine cones or twigs within a 3-foot radius of the structure. Mow down any tall grass or dead brush that is close to the fire pit so sparks will not accidentally cause a fire to start. Grass that is green and nicely trimmed should not pose a safety risk.


Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose connected to a water spout near your portable fire pit in case the flames get out of hand. If you like, you can wet down the grassy area just underneath the fire pit and a foot or so in diameter around it before the fire pit stops burning. This can help keep a fire from getting out of hand if sparks do fly.

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