Cheap Edging in the Garden

Written by john smith | 13/05/2017
Cheap Edging in the Garden
Bricks are a cheap alternative for garden borders. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The edging along a border of a garden is an important part of the overall appearance of a property. In addition to giving a yard an organised look, the edging makes it easier to maintain by separating grass from the garden. Consider some affordable edging ideas before spending a lot of money.


Bricks provide a rustic look as an edging along a garden. They also last a long time and easily anchor in the ground. Bricks are cheap and can also be used even if they are damaged. Because they are short, you can use them to form a curve.

River Rocks

River rocks can usually be purchased for an affordable price in bulk. They provide a natural look and have a permanent lifespan. Because the river rocks come in different sizes and shapes, you can interchange them to form an edging to your liking.

Plastic Strips

Plastic strips are available at home improvement stores for affordable prices. They come in different colours and different heights to give landscapers plenty of options. They are also light and can be bent to fit the contour of a garden.

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