Macerator troubleshooting

Written by andrea stein | 13/05/2017
Macerator troubleshooting
Macerator pumps, used in RVs and boats, can develop problems that require troubleshooting. (rv,motorcoach image by Greg Pickens from

Macerators refer to pumps, commonly found in boats and recreational vehicles, or RVs, designed to grind toilet waste into small particles for discharge. Macerators can develop problems for a number of reasons that you may resolve via basic troubleshooting methods.

No Start

The macerator pump may fail to start because of a blockage in the cutter head, or the rotating part of the pump containing a cutting bit. Opening the drain valve and flushing the macerator pump typically clears the obstruction and enables the pump to start.

Slow Pump

A slow running macerator pump often results from hair or string trapped between the cutter head blades and wear plate. Removing the trapped string or hair and replacing the cutter blades typically restores normal macerator pump function.

Rough Operation

Macerator pumps may vibrate, run rough or run intermittently because of leakage in the inlet lines that feed waste to the pump. The pump operator should check wastewater lines for wear and leakage and replace them as needed.

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