What Is the Purpose of a Bubbler on an HHO Generator?

Written by colby stream | 13/05/2017
What Is the Purpose of a Bubbler on an HHO Generator?
A bubbler could keep hydrogen, the most common gas in the universe, from killing you. (galaxie in braun image by Herbie from Fotolia.com)

A bubbler could save your life. If your vehicle operates on an HHO generator, or you plan on building one for yourself, ensure you know what a bubbler does and how you can get one.

HHO Generator

A hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen (HHO) generator, which uses hydrogen and electrolytes in water to produce electricity, can occasionally backfire and explode. If this happens, the explosion of the generator could seriously injure or even kill anyone nearby.


The bubbler is a cylindrical container with a hose that connects with the generator. It allows the hydrogen to bubble up through the water in the tube. The water keeps a hydrogen backfire from returning into the generator, and the cap will pop off to release pressure in case of a backfire.

Where to Get One

You can make or buy an HHO generator bubbler. When purchasing one, ensure that it will work with the generator you own. If you decide to make it, ensure you've followed all the correct steps to creating and connecting the bubbler to the generator before turning it on.

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