1995 Bayliner Boat Specifications

Updated April 17, 2017

In 1995, Bayliner put out seven boats in their Trophy series. These boats all feature a fibreglass hull, and are large enough for two people. However they differ in several other ways, primarily in length and weight, as the boats were each available with various engines and equipment. Bayliner boats were very popular at this time -- one-in-four cruiser boats sold from 1991 to 1995 were produced by Bayliner.

1703 Trophy

The 1703 is 17.08 feet in length, and weighs 730kg unfuelled and with no equipment. The 1703 was available with either a 70 horsepower or 90 horsepower two-stroke engine.

1802 Trophy

The 1802 measures 18 feet in length and weighs in at 1009kg. The engines available were 115 horsepower, 120 horsepower, and 150 horsepower, all two-stroke.

1903 Trophy

This boat is 18.92 feet long, 92 inches wide, and weighs 1157kg dry. Engines available were 120 horsepower and 150 horsepower, both two-stroke.

2002 Trophy

This model (referring to model number, not year) measures 20.08 feet long, weighs 1293kg, and could be fitted with a 120 horsepower, 150 horsepower, or 175 horsepower two-stroke engine.

2003 Trophy

The 2003 Trophy (again this refers to model number, and not the year of production) also measures 20.08 feet, but is slightly heavier than the 2002 at 1315kg dry. The beam measures 99 inches, and the boat could be fitted with either a 120 horsepower or 150 horsepower two-stroke motor.

2302 Trophy Walkaround

The 2302 Walkaround measures 22.58 feet in length, 102 inches wide at the widest point, and weighs in at 1474kg dry. The 2302 could be powered by either a 150 horsepower or 175 horsepower two-stroke engine.

2502 Trophy

The 2502 Trophy is the largest of Bayliner's 1995 Trophy boats. This sportfisherman measures 24.58 in length, and was by far the heaviest model at 2522kg dry. The 2502 could be fitted with either a 150 horsepower or 175 horsepower two-stroke engine.

Production Times

Although these models were each produced in 1995, some would continue their production life much longer, such as the 1802 which stayed in production until 2003. Others ended their run here, like the 2302 Walkaround, which had been in production since 1989.


The 1995 Trophy boats were available with a variety of features and equipment, that could be personalised based on intended use. The boats each feature forward cabins.

Hull and Type

Each of the boats in Bayliner's 1995 Trophy range were fibreglass-hulled, and all are classed as sport-fishing boats.

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