What Are Maris Piper Potatoes?

Written by annie kluza | 13/05/2017
What Are Maris Piper Potatoes?
Maris Piper potatoes are the preferred potato for the chips in fish and chips (Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images)

A starchy, tuberous crop from the Solanacae family, potatoes are a popular crop due to their abundant yield with little effort. About 5,000 varieties of potatoes exist around the world. Maris Piper is a variety of potato particularly popular in the United Kingdom.

Identification and Uses

The Maris Piper potato has a midrange (waxy/floury) texture, with whitish-yellow skin and cream-coloured flesh. It stays firm when cooked, so it is ideal for a number of dishes including french fries, wedges, baked, roasted and mashed potatoes.


Maris Piper potatoes were developed in England in 1964 and released in 1966. They are considered a main crop, which means they are harvested in the late summer or early autumn when their skins are firm.

Fun Facts

Maris Piper is one of the most popular potato varieties in the United Kingdom. In fact, that variety is grown more in the area than any other varietal. It is also a favourite of fish and chip shops due to its reliability and good flavour.

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