What causes a whine in a home water system?

Updated April 17, 2017

Whining pipes are not only irritating, they also point to possible difficulties with your water pipes. There can be several causes and solutions for whining pipes. If you are experiencing plumbing noises, you should listen closely and respond quickly.

Boiler Pump

When the water pump on your boiler is stressed or overheating, it may produce a squealing or whining sound. Your pump should run quietly when your boiler is activated and should not be hot enough to burn you.

Water Pressure

High water pressure can cause pipes to whine and moan. The pressure should be no higher than 31.8 to 36.3 Kilogram per square inch. Your plumber can take a reading and install a pressure-reducing valve if needed.

Rough Pipes

Water pipes that were not reamed properly when they were cut can cause whining noises. The jagged edges generate "line friction," which creates wall-deteriorating turbulence and areas of reduced water pressure.

Air Pockets

Pockets of air can cause whining pipes. This air may be forced out by running your faucets and shutting off the main valve until the flow is exhausted, then reactivating the main valve to restore flow.

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