Men & women's conversion of shoe size

Updated April 17, 2017

Many styles of shoes, especially athletic shoes, can be worn by both genders. Shoe sizes for men and women are not equal, but it's easy to convert men's shoe sizes into women's sizes and vice versa.


Convert men's sizes to women's sizes by subtracting two sizes. For example, a men's size 9 is equivalent to a women's size 7. Convert women's sizes to men's sizes by adding two sizes. For example, a women's size 6 equals a men's size 8.


Men's shoes tend to be wider than women's shoes. The normal width for men's shoes is D, while women's shoes usually have a B width. However, men's and women's shoes are often available in narrow or wide widths.


Sizing conversions might vary by manufacturer, so always try shoes on before buying them. If you are purchasing shoes online, make sure the retailer permits returns.

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