The Job Description of a Commissioning Officer

Written by lou martin | 13/05/2017
The Job Description of a Commissioning Officer
A commissioning officer is a job primarily found in the UK. (map of uk/ united kingdom and Ireland/ eira image by L. Shat from

In the United Kingdom, commissioning officers work at the city and county levels and are responsible for monitoring, reviewing, developing and accrediting commissioning arrangements. Commissioning officer responsibilities are conducted under the supervision of a development manager.


Commissioning officers have a wide range of job responsibilities including negotiating contracts and maintaining information regarding supplies, quality and locations of project-related provisions. Worcestershire County requires its commissioning officer to analyse contracts and service level agreements to ensure each development project is in compliance with periodic return, performance monitoring and contracted outcome requirements.


In the role of a commissioning officer, you will be expected to develop and maintain a group of contacts to help your job performance. A commissioning officer is expected to have internal contacts, including the commissioning staff, Community and Partnerships Service department officers and the Best Value and Audit teams. Externally, commissioning officers are expected to establish contacts with senior and middle managers of various development agencies.

Other Duties

Commissioning officers are expected to keep abreast of the changing nature of the project development industry by participating in periodic training. Commissioning officers are also expected to take on health and safety issues regarding development projects.

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