Software for drawing electrical circuits

Written by kevin mason | 13/05/2017
Software for drawing electrical circuits
Electrical schematic design (data processing image by Yuriy Poznukhov from

There are many electrical schematic drawing programs available for students, hobbyists and professionals. Some of the more sophisticated programs include AutoCAD Electrical, and the Elecdes Design Suite. The free Circuitmaker 2000 is an excellent program, which is intended for educational purposes.

AutoCAD Electrical

This software is intended for electrical control engineers. The electrical version of AutoCAD includes specifically made electrical symbols and commands, enabling the user with the ability to efficiently wire up any circuit schematic.

Elecdes Design Suite

This program is designed to work with AutoCAD in order to produce 2-D wiring, 1-line and loop diagrams. It comes with over 5,000 electrical symbols including the entire IEEE standard library.

Circuitmaker 2000

Circuitmaker 2000 is a simple program useful for generating schematics with basic components. It is a useful tool for anyone just getting into the electrical and electronic design process. Circuitmaker 2000 is free for download from the University of California website (see Resources.)

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