Speedo Aquatic Certification

Written by barbara bean-mellinger | 13/05/2017
Speedo Aquatic Certification
As with professional coaches in other sports, water instructors take classes to become certified. (Hasn't end image by Christophe Schmid from Fotolia.com)

Fitness instructors -- whether on land or in the water -- take certification courses to show they have received instruction in teaching specific types of courses. Speedo aquatic certification is a series of such courses offered in the UK.


The Speedo aquatic program offers classes in shallow water training and deep water training. Classes can be taken online or on-site.


Unlike land exercise programs that allows six months to complete, aquatic training normally must be completed within four months. This ensures the student aquatic trainer's instruction is as current as possible and that training includes the industry's latest ideas and methods.


Instructors often take additional courses in adding products and techniques to water workouts, such as hand mitts or belts. They may also train to work with special populations including children, older adults and persons with arthritis or disabilities.

In U.S.

Speedo aquatic certification is offered through Speedo.com, LTD, a private company that sells Speedo swimwear and equipment in the UK and Canada. Other companies offer aquatic training in the U.S., often by instructors trained in the Speedo system. Most fitness facilities with pools offer water exercise classes taught by certified instructors.


Why become certified in water instruction? Certification gives you credibility. It identifies you as a serious, committed and knowledgeable instructor.

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