The Average Costs of a Sunroom

Written by katlyn joy | 13/05/2017

A sunroom is an energy-efficient, enclosed space attached to the exterior of a home. A key feature of a sunroom is the view of the outdoors through extensive use of glass.


The cost of a sunroom depends on factors such as size, construction type and options chosen. For instance, a four-season room with options such as a cathedral ceiling, tiled floor and remote-controlled blinds can cost £39,000 to £45,500, according to 2007 figures.


There are a variety of styles within the category of sunrooms. These include solariums, shed-style sunrooms and gable-style sunrooms. Conservatories are old-world style in appearance, and feature segmented roof systems.


According to 2007 data, a simple, two-season sunroom that you build yourself may cost as little as £325. A glass-walled, prefabricated 8- by 10-foot sunroom will cost around £6,500. A 200-sq. ft. four-season room, custom built on a slab, averages in the £29,250 to £35,750 range.

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