Where to Find Free Stones for Landscaping

Country folk have no trouble locating free landscaping stones; they simply walk outside their homes and encounter hundreds of gravel, rocks, stones and boulders dotting the natural landscape. Living in urban areas poses more of a difficulty when you hope to landscape at little or no costs. Since rocks occur naturally in virtually any soil, locating free landscaping stones does not need to become a chore.

Your Property

Survey all properties that you own, as you may collect stones from these locations free of charge. If you plan to do any excavating projects such as building driveways or swimming pools, use these times to gather rocks, stones and even large boulders from the displaced soil.

Streams and Waterways

If you own land in a rural area or happen to have a small stream that crosses your property, this waterway provides an ever-replenishing area to gather landscaping stone from. You may remove all visible stones in one season and allow the next spring flood to bring more stone into the creek bed.


Speak to neighbours about aiding them in their quest to remove rocks and stones from their landscape. Neighbours who are not using the natural rocks and stones on their property will be glad to get rid of these lawnmower hazards.

New Construction

When you notice a new building, home or lawn going up in a previously unused area, ask the construction team or future owners if you can collect or have any stones pulled from the soil. The stones must be removed before seeding grasses, and you may be welcome to the stones if you offer to remove them free of charge.

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