Bunk beds: ladder & stairs solutions

Written by buffy naillon | 13/05/2017
Bunk beds: ladder & stairs solutions
Loft bunk beds provide extra floor space. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Bunk beds are a common fixture in many children's bedrooms. They allow kids to share a room in a way that economises space. However, climbing onto these two-tier beds can prove challenging and requires the help of stairs or a ladder.


To determine what types of ladder or stair solutions a bunk bed will need, a homeowner should first look at a number of factors. These include the ages of the children, whether the bed will be used as a loft and what kind of space the bed requires.


Bunk beds with stairs tend to offer better safety features. The stairs provide sturdy footing plus a platform at the top of the stairs. This allows the child to climb into bed at the height he would be were he standing on the floor. These beds are better for younger kids who haven't developed the dexterity for ladders yet.


Stair bunk beds aren't as flexible as ladder bunk beds. Many only fit one position in the room and taking the beds apart is impossible, as most stair beds stay in one piece. For kids who eventually would like to turn their bunk beds into single beds, a bunk bed with stairs is a better solution.

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