How Do Flight Protectors Work in Darts?

Updated July 19, 2017

Darts is a sport that requires both precision and accuracy. using flight protectors on your darts can improve your throw in a number of ways as well as preventing damage.

Preventing Damage

The flight protectors are small clips made from metal or plastic. They are placed on the top of each flight (covering all four edges) protecting the top of the flight from any possible damage when hit directly by another dart.


Flight protectors also keep the aerodynamics of the dart in good shape by maintaining the shape of the flight to avoid unnecessary movement while the dart is in the air. This means the dart is more likely to hit the target if thrown accurately.


All flight protectors fit any shape of flight in either soft tip or steel tip darts, such as pear, kite and dimple shape. For a small price, this handy piece of equipment helps improve performance and safety.

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