How do I Pronounce Alyssa?

Updated July 19, 2017

The name Alyssa is very common in the United States and Canada, but many people are confused by its proper pronunciation. Since pronunciations can change due to changes in language over time, it is best to ask Alyssas how they prefer their name to be spoken.

English Pronunciation

The name Alyssa can change pronunciations depending on the cultural setting. In most English-speaking countries it would be pronounced "ah-LISS-a," with stress placed on the middle syllable.

Greek Origins

The name Alyssa comes from the Greek roots A-, meaning "not," and -Lyssa meaning "insane." The word "alyssa," the combination of these two roots, is translated as "rational."

Alternative Spellings

The spellings and pronunciations of names change over time, and there are several names that are spelt and sound similar to Alyssa. Among them are Allissa, Elyssa, Alissa, Alyssah, Elissa and Aleesa.

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