Issues With Samsung LCD TVs

Updated February 21, 2017

Samsung releases new lines of LCD TVs every year, but they all follow the same basic principles. LCD panels are made from sheets of liquid crystals that change in response to an electrical current. This allows the TV to create the picture on the screen. Behind the panel is a backlighting system that provides light that shines through the panel and makes the image visible. Most of the TV's systems are centred around maintaining and monitoring these panel arrangements.

Power Loss

Samsung TVs can sometimes lose power completely. This resembles a blank screen, but no indicator lights are on and the TV will not respond at all. There several possible causes for this issue. Sometimes the TV power cable becomes disconnected or faulty, and a loose power cable will not provide electricity to the TV. At other times, fuses in the TV can blow, leading to a virtual power loss for the entire system.

Picture Loss

Picture loss occurs when you have power to your Samsung TV, but there is no image. The screen may be completely blank or blue. A blue screen indicates a settings problem. Your TV probably is on the wrong channel or home theatre setting. If the screen is blank, your backlighting likely has stopped working and may need to be replaced.

Volume Problems

Volume problems occur when the sound is too low or too high, or when it varies unaccountably. This rarely is the fault of the Samsung TV, although many mistakenly think the display is to blame. Sound varies because of the media source. It usually is the fault of the network, disk or digital copy when sound quality starts to waver. TVs cannot affect these factors directly.


People often assume that LCD screens do not experience burn in, the permanent image effects more commonly associated with plasma TVs. However, LCDs can suffer from burn in as well. If you leave your Samsung on the same image for an extended period of time, then parts of the image may stay permanently behind as shadows. Users always should turn their Samsung TVs off if they will not be using them for a while.

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