Fuji Camera Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

Fuji makes many popular cameras with many popular features. As with anything, that makes their cameras susceptible to problems with the different components. Sensor, focus and lighting issues are the most common problems encountered with Fuji cameras.

CCD Sensor

In 2010, Fuji issued a service notice on the "charged couple device" or CCD. The pictures taken from the affected cameras will be all black or have distorted colours. Fuji will take of the problem for the customer even if the camera is no longer under warranty.

Focusing Problems

The cheaper Fuji cameras and dropped cameras can have problems with the autofocus or with the interior focusing mirror. This results in fuzzy pictures or pictures that are not as sharp with no way to improve the image. The Finepix Z5FD has had these focusing issues and lens problems. Dropped cameras may lose all ability to be adjusted for a clear picture.

Lighting Problems

With indoor lighting, a user may get off colour results from the Fuji camera. This is a common problem with indoor photography. Greenish, yellow or even pink tints can show on captured images. The unnatural lighting may also throw-off the auto-flash resulting in over or under exposed photos. An external hand-held meter will show when the lighting needs to be adjusted.

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