Deva method of cutting curly hair

Updated April 17, 2017

The Deva haircutting method was developed by Lorraine Massey to work with the physics of an individual's curls. Massey recognised the need for innovations in the ways in which kinky and curly hair was being cut to enhance the existing texture and create a more dynamic hairstyle.


The Deva cut is a different approach to maintaining curly hair without the use of chemical treatments that can alter the hair's composition. The Deva cut enhances curls by cutting in a specific pattern while the hair is dry. Each curl is cut according to how one's hair reacts to heat and moisture. This allows the curl patterns to remain intact and for hair to naturally fall into place.


Massey, author of "Curly Girl: The Handbook", developed the Deva cut as a way to tame her own curly hair and has gone on to start the Devachan Salon in New York City. She has also created a line of curl-friendly hair styling products and accessories.

Famous Ties

Massey has used the Deva cut to personally style the bridal party for singer Beyonce's wedding. The Deva line of styling products have been used by stars on the television programs "Ugly Betty" and "Sex and the City".

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