How is Polony Made?

Written by petra turnbull | 13/05/2017
How is Polony Made?
Bologna (bologna image by gburba from

Polony is a seasoned pork sausage that can be found on dinner tables around the world, though not always under the same name. It is also called bologna sausage, baloney or Devon sausage. Polonies are mainly produced in sausage factories, but some butchers provide their own version.


Polony is a variation of the word Bologna as the city in Italy from where the sausage originated. Polony recipes date back to the 17th century and require smoking of the prepared sausage meat.


Commercially produced Polony is usually made from low-grade minced meat, often a combination of pork and beef scraps and fat mixed with spices and binders. The original Italian version requires pork and veal mixtures, while butcher's will blend their own sausage mix based on local tastes and traditions.


Islamic butchers produce halal versions while kosher versions can be found in Jewish shops. African butchers have developed a vegetarian polony (chikanda) in which the pork meat is replaced with orchid tubers. Ethnic Indian shuddha polonies have the meat replaced by soya and wheat.

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