How to Compare Janome 4800 & 4900

Written by arin bodden | 13/05/2017
How to Compare Janome 4800 & 4900
Janome offers a variety of machines for the at-home quilter. (sewing image by pncphotos from

Janome makes the Memory Craft 4800QC and the 4900QC sewing machines for quilters. The 4800QC is less expensive and has more features the novice-to-intermediate quilter may want. The 4900QC may appeal to the advanced quilter looking for speciality stitches and customisations.

Stitch Features

The Memory Craft 4800QC has 233 stitches, six buttonhole stitches, and two fonts for monogramming. The Memory Craft 4900QC has 534 stitches, 10 buttonhole stitches, and three fonts for monogramming. Both have adjustable stitch widths up to 5mm and adjustable stitch lengths up to 7mm, and each has individual and combination stitch editing.


Both the Memory Craft 4800QC and 4900QC come with a well-stocked set of accessories with quilters in mind, including a circular sewing attachment and extension tables. The Memory Craft 4800QC has 33 feet and three memory recall banks, while the 4900QC comes with 40 feet, including many speciality feet, and five memory recall banks.


Both machines carry the standard Janome warranty, which includes a 20-year guarantee on mechanical parts, a 2-year guarantee on all electronic parts, and a 1-year comprehensive warranty, including labour.

Cost Considerations

At a suggested retail price of £844 as of 2010, the Memory Craft 4800QC is less expensive than the Memory Craft 4900QC, which has a suggested retail price of £1,039. It is possible to find both machines for hundreds of dollars less at many online outlets.

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