The best way to sell antique furniture

Written by jennifer eblin | 13/05/2017
The best way to sell antique furniture
Antique furniture has a value based on its age, rarity and condition. (Antique image by Empath from

Antique furniture is highly collectable and some pieces are worth quite a bit of money. The best place to sell your antique furniture depends on the value of the piece and what you hope to get for it.


Get a professional estimate or appraisal of your piece before offering it for sale, even if you think you know the furniture's value. The appraiser will give you a short history about the piece and set a value for insurance purposes as well as what you may expect to get at auction.


Online classified ads and yard sales are the best places to sell antique furniture that's not worth a lot because you reach more buyers. If your furniture has a high value, use online auction sites and consignment shops, which have a large number of collectors as customers.

Expert Insight

Set the price at less than its value; this helps sell the piece faster. Collectors rarely pay top value for a piece, unless it's extremely rare.

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