General Medical Council Code of Conduct

The General Medical Council Code of Conduct describes the conduct to govern the council that regulates doctors within the United Kingdom. The code of conduct ensures a high level of service from the council in carrying out its duties.

The General Medical Council and its Code of Conduct

As the regulatory body for doctors within the United Kingdom, the General Medical Council has not only outlined a code of conduct for doctors, but a code of conduct for the Council.

The Organization of the Code of Conduct

The Council's code of conduct includes the principles of the General Medical Council, the governing body’s corporate responsibilities and the council members' duties.

The Principles

The principles of the General Medical Council Code of Conduct include seven areas: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. This code of conduct holds the members accountable for Council decisions, for example, overseeing disciplinary hearings for physicians.

Its Corporate Responsibility

As a not-for-profit charity, Council members must be aware of the laws governing the Council, and adhere to these laws, which hold members accountable.

The Duties of Council Members

The most extensive area within the General Medical Council Code of Conduct concerns the duties of the individual members, including their availability for council duties. The Council expects its members to be available on short notice to work on boards and committees, as needed.

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