What Is a Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot's Salary?

Written by ian graham | 13/05/2017
What Is a Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot's Salary?
Air ambulance helicopter pilots provide medical transportation in remote areas. (helicopter isolated image by TA Craft Photography from Fotolia.com)

Air ambulance helicopter pilots must have a commercial pilot's license, which requires 100 hours of flight time in a powered aircraft. For a helicopter rating, 50 of these hours must be in a helicopter. The salaries for air ambulance helicopter pilots vary by position.


Helicopter pilots employed in the emergency medical services and medical transportation industries earned salaries ranging from £31,487 to £48,256 per year, according to a PayScale survey of 302 helicopter pilots in all industries. This was slightly lower than the £33,887 to £53,173 earned annually by the middle 50 per cent of all helicopter pilots.


The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports that ambulance service pilots, including those flying helicopters, made an average annual salary of £40,956 as of May 2009. The median salary was £28,574. The lowest-paid 10 per cent of ambulance service pilots earned £28,574 or less, while the best-paid 10 per cent earned £55,653 or more.

Ambulatory Health Care Services

Pilots in the ambulatory health care services industry (in which medical and surgical services are provided to patients on an outpatient basis outside of a hospital) made an average annual salary of £41,086 as of May 2009, according to the BLS. The median salary was £39,884, and salaries ranged from £28,580 or less for the poorest-paid 10 per cent to £56,303 or more for the best-paid 10 per cent.

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