Fun & Silly Party Games

Get the festivities rolling at your party by challenging guests to participate in fun and silly party games. You don't have to reserve fun and silly party games for kids--adults enjoy letting loose and acting like a kid again, as well.


Fun and silly party games encourage guests to relax and enjoy themselves. If guests don't know each other well, these games serve as icebreakers and promote interaction. Or, if guests look bored, a fun and silly party game encourages them to have fun.


Party hosts can choose from a number of fun and silly party games. Pair up guests and challenge them to pop balloons using their bodies and not their hands. Give guests silly lines to incorporate into dinner party conversation. Or, play telephone charades, during which guests line up and take turns acting out the same phrase from person to person. The last player in line guesses the phrase the players acted out, often with amusing results.


Fun and silly party games can be physical or mental. Guests can run through goofy obstacle courses or play word games that make them sound silly. To make sure guests have fun, these games shouldn't pressure them to do anything they don't want to do. Fun and silly party games should be lighthearted and easy to complete. Keep things stress free.

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