Showerhead Problems

A faulty showerhead can be instantly annoying, especially when you attempt a relaxing shower escape or are in a hurry. A showerhead may leak, provide unstable or weak water flow, or may be difficult for you to adjust.

Showerhead Leaks

The showerhead may leak from the area where it is attached to the arm that projects from the shower wall. A faulty washer or the need for thread-seal tape at the connection probably causes this.

Weak Pressure

The flow of water from the showerhead may be extremely weak, causing you to spend a longer time in the shower. Alternatively, the spray of water from the showerhead may be erratic and uneven. This weak pressure is usually from mineral build-up clogging the showerhead holes.

Stiff Showerhead

The showerhead may be difficult to move with your hand. When you attempt to adjust the position of the showerhead, it pivots stiffly. A worn washer on the swivel ball inside the showerhead is likely the culprit.

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