Why does my treadmill squeak?

Written by andrea helaine | 13/05/2017
Why does my treadmill squeak?
Proper maintenance can reduce the problem of a squeaky treadmill. (man exercising on treadmill 6 image by Ken Hurst from Fotolia.com)

A squeaking treadmill does not always require major repairs from a manufacturer. However, it is important to know why a treadmill squeaks to determine whether or not it can be easily repaired.


If the treadmill is located in a dusty environment, the build-up of dust can contribute to treadmill noise, including squeaking. However, dust can be avoided by dusting the belt and the deck once a week.


Treadmills require ongoing maintenance, including lubrication to reduce wear on the treadmill and reduce friction between the treadbelt and the walking deck. Without lubricant, the treadmill rollers or other parts of the treadmill may begin to squeak.

Belt Problems

If the tread belt is not on correctly, it may cause squeaking because of misalignment. In order to prevent stretching and squeaking of the tread belt, it is possible to tighten the tread belt with an Allen wrench. Another problem that causes the treadmill to squeak is improper tracking, which can be remedied by adjusting the alignment of the belt.


Before calling the equipment manufacturer to report a problem regarding the sound, check to see whether your floor is level. A non-level floor can cause the squeaking noise because the belt is not aligned correctly.

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