What Percentage of Divorced Couples Remarry?

Updated April 17, 2017

With divorce numbers sky rocketing, increasing about 40 per cent since 1970, according to, second and subsequent marriages are on the rise as well.

Time frame

As of 2002 the National Center for Health Statistics showed that 54 per cent of woman who had divorced remarried within five years. The report also showed that 75 per cent of female divorcees had remarried within 10 years, according to In another report from, numbers show that 80 per cent of men and 75 per cent of woman will remarry, whether or not they have children.


According to, black women were less likely to remarry, while white women were more likely to remarry. While black women who remarried were more likely to divorce again, Hispanic remarriages were less likely to end in divorce.


A 2007 report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that in 2004, 12 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women had been married twice. Third and subsequent marriages ranked at 3 per cent. According to, 65 per cent of second marriages will end in divorce; while 43 per cent of first unions will end within the first 15 years.

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