How to buy canning jars in bulk

Written by renee greene | 13/05/2017
How to buy canning jars in bulk
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According to Cape Bottle Company, production of bulk wholesale and mass quantities of packaging supplies was generally not open to small buyers of canning and bottle supplies. (“Small buyers” are defined as customers looking for less than a pallet or about 10,000 pieces.) It was not until 1995 that some bottle and supply producers began catering to the “mini-market” (small businesses and individuals).


Canning jars range in size from small vials (less than 56.7gr) to larger-sized pickling and food jars (454gr or larger). Lids and containers can be purchased individually or as a unit. They are used to can sauces, fruit, vegetables, salsas, preserves, jellies and jams. Smaller glass vials are typically used for perfume samples and other uses.


You can buy bulk quantities of canning jars in different sizes and colours, including clear, blue, amber, frosted and green glass. Most people who use canning jars for food preservation use clear glass.


Canning jars and supplies are meant to be purchased in bulk or in large quantities. For a cheaper bulk price, purchase canning jars at thrift stores, garage sales or possibly even estate sales in more rural parts of the country.

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