How to Compare Steam Cleaners

Written by neil greenlees | 13/05/2017
How to Compare Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaners are a chemical free way of sanitising your bathroom floors and surfaces. (bathroom image by Mikhail Olykainen from

Walk into the appliance section of any department store and you'll find a selection of machines which produce superheated steam to clean your home. This steam replaces the chemical sprays and fluids which currently sit on your cleaning closet shelves.

What Type of Steam Cleaner do You Need?

To get maximum benefit from a steam cleaner, purchase one which meets all your needs. Decide what tasks you will tackle regularly with your cleaner and compare these with the functions of each type of machine.

Compare the Different Types of Cleaner Available

Steam mops and canister steam cleaners can be used on various types of flooring. Steam mops often feature a carpet gliders to make them move more easily over carpets and rugs.

Like canister vacuums, canister steam cleaners can also be used for above floor cleaning. This includes wall tiling, kitchen counters, ovens, barbecues, microwaves, bathroom surfaces, drapes, blinds, upholstery and windows.

Portable steam cleaners are used almost exclusively for above floor cleaning such as kitchen worktops, appliances and bathroom surfaces. More expensive models have a wider range of attachments and may also be suitable for fabric steaming and window cleaning.

Important Factors to Compare

Other factors to consider include length of cleaning time between tank refills and portability. If the machine is not on wheels how heavy is it when the tank is full?

How long do you have to wait to start cleaning once you've filled the tank and switched it on? How strong a jet does the machine produce? And does it come with a tool kit. The more attachments the more versatile the steam cleaner is.

Compare Prices

Once you've decided on a model, compare prices at a number of retailers before finally making your purchase. This can be done easily by using a price comparison website.

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