Clinical nurse consultant job description

Written by marquis codjia | 13/05/2017
Clinical nurse consultant job description
A clinical nurse consultant must be service oriented. (nurse chris image by John Keith from

A clinical nurse consultant helps a health care institution improve the quality of patient care. The consultant also ensures that clinical personnel abide by government laws and regulations when performing tasks.

Tasks and Expectations

A clinical nurse consultant provides care to patients, promotes cost-effective care procedures and assesses patients' conditions. The consultant also collaborates with other heath care professionals to improve care quality and develops training sessions for staff.

Aptitude and Tools

It is helpful to have good communication skills and problem sensitivity in a clinical nurse consultant role. Being service oriented is also beneficial. An effective and experienced clinical nurse consultant often uses hemodynamic monitors, alligator forceps, protective facial shields and medical software.

Degree Requirements and Pay

A bachelor's degree in nursing or a health-related discipline is usually necessary for a clinical nurse consultant position. Employers often prefer professionals who have a nursing license, such as registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. As of 2010, average annual salary for clinical nurse consultants was £52,000, according to the Indeed website.

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