How Are Maltesers Made?

Updated November 21, 2016

Maltesers are a chocolate-covered candy treat made by Mars Ltd. and widely distributed around the world. Maltesers went into production around 1936, in England, made from a secret recipe brought from the United States. Production of these one-bite treats was halted briefly during World War II. Meanwhile the company's mainstay, Mars bars, were being sent to allied soldiers around the world.

The Dough

The dough is automatically mixed and shaped by a machine. The top three ingredients are sugar, modified milk ingredients and malted milk powder.


The preformed dough balls are sent through a continuous oven on a conveyor belt. The centres of Maltesers are baked into a crisp, honeycombed texture.


The cooked balls are then coated with chocolate in a coating pan, which resembles a cement mixer and keeps the balls moving so they do not stick together. Sprays of chocolate are added at timed intervals to build up the layers. Finally, a coating spray of edible wax is added.

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