Example of a Resume for the Self-Employed

Updated February 21, 2017

Resumes for the self-employed differ a bit from a resume where a person has held different positions for a series of employers. You must make it clear that you work for yourself by listing your company name if you have one, a summary of your experience and your clients if they permit this. The biggest mistake self-employed people make is to write their resumes as if they held full-time positions instead of contracts with their clients.


List your company name, your name as owner and contact information. Example:

Joe's Printing Service

Joe D'Ortenzio, Owner

111 Smith Ave.

New York, New York


Objective and Summary

State the type of work you do and which skills you have. For example, if you were Joe, you might mention that you are seeking printing contracts that utilise your multicolour and silk screening techniques.


Outline your work experience and clients in reverse chronological order, meaning you list the most recent ones first.


List any special printing skills you have under a separate "Skills" section. For example, Joe might list graphic design and printing of logos and company branding, printing of product packaging and design and printing of pop-up POP product marketing materials.


List your education in reverse chronological order, and emphasise programs and workshops you participated in or any awards you won that pertain to your business.

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