About Bosch Tankless Water Heaters

Updated March 23, 2017

Tankless water heaters are a way for individuals to have an energy efficient water heater. Bosch manufactures this type of water heater.

How It Works

A Bosch tankless water heater works by heating water as it is used. On the other hand, a regular water heater heats an entire tank of water and stores it until it is used. Therefore, the water heater is constantly running and using energy.


Bosch offers electric tankless water heaters for individuals who do not have a propane or natural gas hookup. Tankless water heaters are able to provide endless amounts of hot water.


The cost to purchase a Bosch tankless water heater averages £260 to £780. The cost depends on the size of the tank and whether it runs off of propane, electricity, or natural gas.


Bosch makes five different models of its tankless water heaters: the 125 series, the 1600 PH and PS, the 2400 and the 2700 ES.


The Bosch models 2400 and 2700 are rated as Energy Star efficient and, therefore, qualify for up to a £975 rebate through the Federal Tax Credit.

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