Types of Osmocote Fertilizer

Written by alecia stuchlik | 13/05/2017
Types of Osmocote Fertilizer
Using fertiliser ensures that your garden will get the nutrients it needs. (garden image by david hughes from Fotolia.com)

Fertiliser plays an important role in getting your garden to grow. There are several types of Osmocote fertiliser on the market, but with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that fits your garden's needs.

Osmocote Classic

This first generation controlled-release fertiliser functions is for general use. It works best when used with Micromax Micronutrients.

Osmocote Pro

A second generation controlled-release fertiliser; Osmocote Pro contains a blended product with micronutrients and works well for many outdoor purposes.

Osmocote Plus

Osmocote Plus is a third generation, predefined patterned-release fertiliser with micronutrients. This fertiliser works well for general nursery and greenhouse use, in addition to special circumstances like plant sensitivity.

Osmocote Plus Products

Hi-Start, Standard, and Lo-Start products fall under the Osmocote Plus label. Hi-Start gives young plants an extra boost. Standard puts out an even source of fertiliser. Lo-Start gives plants an extra boost later in their growth cycle.

Mini Prill

Designed especially for use in small pots, you can use Osmocote's mini prill fertiliser in nursery and greenhouse production, as well as for container gardens and interiorscapes.

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