Gym Health & Safety Policy

Updated March 23, 2017

Exercise enthusiasts patronise gyms to improve total body fitness. Beyond these goals, workout warriors prefer clean and safe environments in which to train. Increase your business profits through the implementation of uniform health and safety policies.


Make photograph identification cards for members part of your gym policy. Paid memberships translate into regular clientele who are more likely to report suspicious activity. You may also employ security guards to maintain order.


Prominent signage helps your patrons to familiarise themselves with the layout of the gym floor. Make it gym policy to have exits clearly marked as evacuation routes during emergencies. Add diagrams to your fitness equipment to describe proper workout form.


Train knowledgeable staff to guide your clients through correct workout regimens that reduce injury risks.


Creating a safety policy both enables your customers to maximise their gym experience and prevents accidents. When clientele feel happy and safe, they are more likely to provide referrals that will grow your business.


Failure to coordinate a safe gym policy may allow accidents and incidents that lead to lawsuits and bankruptcy.

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