Neuragen for Diabetic Nerve Pain

Updated February 21, 2017

Diabetic nerve pain, also known as neuropathy, may occur when a patient has uncontrolled blood-sugar levels. This pain manifests itself as burning, stabbing or tingling pain, frequently in the feet or hands. Patients who wish to avoid medications may prefer an over-the-counter remedy such as Neuragen. Neuragen is a homeopathic remedy.


Neuragen contains the following ingredients: geranium oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil.

Side Effects

Neuragen claims there are no known side effects associated with this product. If you do experience side effects, discontinue use and see your doctor. Some people may experience an adverse reaction to the floral scent of the product.


Do not apply Neuragen to damaged or broken skin. Some people may experience skin irritation or a rash at the application site.

Time Frame

According to Neuragen, a typical user may notice pain relief within 30 minutes of use. Pain relief may last up to eight hours.


Neuragen is intended for topical application only. Do not swallow Neuragen. Avoid any contact with the eyes. Neuragen may be used on an as-needed basis; however, no more than four times per day.

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