What is 40 urea cream used for?

Written by mallory collier | 13/05/2017
What is 40 urea cream used for?
40 urea cream can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. (produits de beauté image by laurent hamels from Fotolia.com)

An agent that works to break down dead skin cells, 40 urea cream promotes a quick process of healing. This versatile cream offers a variety of skin-related uses and benefits.

Moisture Restoration

40 urea cream restores the natural moisture in skin and is ideal for treating dry, rough and cracked areas.

Healing Calluses

Thick and tough calluses are often treated with 40 urea cream. The cream breaks down skin cells associated with calluses and speeds the overall process of removal and healing.

Itch Relief

Known for its anti-itching effect, 40 urea cream is used to prevent itching caused by insect bites and mild skin rashes.

Cosmetic Uses

Urea is a vital ingredient in many skin moisturisers, lotions and beauty products, as it quickly restores moisture and promotes smoothness. 40 urea cream is often used to heal problem skin on the face.


Check with both your doctor and pharmacist before using 40 urea cream, as it may interact with over-the-counter, herbal and prescription medications.

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