Furniture made with horse shoes

Updated November 21, 2016

Almost anything can be recycled, and horseshoes are no exception. Cleaning off dirt and rust, welding them together and adding a little paint can give new life to old shoes.

Interior Pieces

Old horseshoes can be used to make tables, stools, love seats, chairs and even rocking chairs. Despite how they look, these pieces of furniture often are incredibly comfortable.

Outdoor Pieces

Add a rustic touch to your patio with an outdoor horseshoe bar, stools or chaise longue chairs.

Accent Pieces

To complement a rustic decor, turn horseshoes into picture frames, mirror frames, magazine racks, hat racks, coat racks and candle holders.

In The Garden

The shape of a horseshoe transforms beautifully into a butterfly wing. Arrange the shoes to add character to a flower garden.

Don't Forget the Nails

Horseshoe nails are a good fit for rustic decors, too. They can be transformed into gorgeous sculptures.

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