Value of Treadle Sewing Machines

Updated February 21, 2017

Treadle sewing machines are powered by a foot pump and do not require electricity. Vintage treadle machines look far more lovely than newer models and are usually still functioning. The value of a treadle sewing machine depends on several factors, including the model, make and condition of the machine.

Make of the Treadle Sewing Machine

The make and model of your sewing machine plays a large part in determining its worth. The Singer model 127, made around 1915, could be worth up to £325, depending on its condition.


The condition of your machine is important in determining its value. If your machine is non-functioning and essentially only parts, then it will be worth a lot less than a machine in excellent condition.


If you have the owner's manual, your treadle sewing machine will have a higher value than if you do not. Also, having any accessories and all the machine's parts increases the value.


If no one wants a treadle sewing machine, then the value of them decreases. However, someone may see your machine, fall in love with it and feel they need to have it, increasing its value.


Determine the value of your machine by researching what similar machines are selling for. Visit a sewing machine shop or look on to see how treadle sewing machines are priced.

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