What are the most flattering clothes for a fat stomach?

Updated April 17, 2017

Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes and so do clothing styles. They can flatter our best features and conceal any flaws. With the right fit and proportion, we can find a way to work around a fat stomach.

The Neckline

The most flattering neckline for your body shape is the v-neck. What this neckline does is draw attention away from your belly and toward your face.


When looking for tops or dresses, choose a garment that has detailing at the most narrow part of your waist. Ruching or gathering right underneath your bust will highlight this area and will give the illusion of a more shapely figure. Make sure that the fabric under the detail flows, as opposed to clings, to your body.


Flat-front trousers are the best kind of trousers for you. Any pleating or additional details that hit at the waist will emphasise the size of your middle. Choose trousers with some stretch in the material. Although a skinny pant is wearable, pair it with a less constrictive, more flowy top. A trouser style jean or slightly flared hem is ideal as the width in the leg will balance your upper body. This same idea applies to skirts or dresses. An A-line skirt will balance your figure more than, say, a pencil-cut skirt.

The Jacket

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, hosts of the television program, "What Not To Wear," advise that a structured jacket is a must for women with a larger belly. The jacket will give the illusion of a more defined shape. Look for a longer jacket for a leaner effect. Not only will it make you look slimmer, but it is an easy garment to add to your outfit if you want it to look more dressy.


Do remember that bright colours and shiny fabrics draw attention. Opt for darker colours for a slimming effect. It is a good idea to invest in undergarments that offer some hold and support. The curves they create will make a marked difference in the way your clothes fit you.

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