How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on the Inside of Your Legs

Updated April 17, 2017

Inner thighs and lower stomach are always the hardest parts of the body to tone up. Even when the fat from these parts of the body is gone, there is still an issue of loose skin. And while losing fat is a simple, albeit difficult process, getting rid of loose skin is slightly more complicated. There are different ways of toning up loose skin or removing it completely, depending on the condition of the skin and the reasons that led to the sagginess in the first place.

Prepare yourself and your surroundings for exercising. Get a soft yet firm exercise pad, such as a yoga mat, put on some inspiring music and ventilate the room to allow fresh air inside.

Focus exercises and workouts on your inner thighs. A number of exercises are meant solely to firm up the muscles on the inside of your legs. Once you start working on toning those muscles, the skin will follow and tone up as well. Almost all the exercises are a variation of one simple, basic movement. This exercise is crucial for the muscles and the skin of your inner thighs.

Lie on the side, with one leg bent and the other lying straight on the floor. Lift the straight leg slowly, keeping it off the floor at least three seconds. Drop the leg on the floor, but very slowly, since this part of the exercise is very important for toning. Do the same with your other leg, after changing the side you lie on. At the beginning, do 10 exercises per session with one leg, then 10 with the other, repeating the cycle two more times. Later move on to 15 and then 20 exercises.

Combine different exercises by doing variations of the basic exercise. For example, lift your leg quickly, then put it down slowly. Or do a different number of exercises in one series. Make the whole exercise session longer and harder with each passing day, thus improving your muscles and overall look of inner thighs.

Slide on the floor with one leg, pushing it away from your body until you need to crutch down with your other leg. This exercise is best done in socks, on a slippery wooden floor. In addition to toning your inner thighs, this exercise is very good for your posture.

Rub a commercial brand cream or lotion on your inner thighs. Wait until it absorbs into the skin and then put on a pair of tight leggings to enhance the absorbing process. If you don’t want to use the commercial kind of body cosmetic, make your own lotion following the recipes from organic and green beauty product websites on the Internet.

Massage your legs every evening, using natural, squeezed lemon juice as a lubricant. Lemon is a known firming agent and will also prevent cellulite from forming.

Eat healthy and drink a lot of water and unsweetened tea. Include lots of vegetables, fruit and fibre in your diet. With a combination of working from the inside with nutrition and working from the outside with exercise, your legs are going to shape up, sculpt and firm.


Invest in professional massage sessions at least once a month to firm up your legs.


Before engaging into any kind of diet or exercise, consult with your doctor, especially if you have an existing medical condition.

Things You'll Need

  • Yoga pad
  • Firming lotions
  • Firming creams
  • Lemon juice
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