Art made with postage stamp

Written by jeff katz | 13/05/2017
Art made with postage stamp
Artwork Featured on Stamps Can Become Part of Larger Works of Art (Image by, courtesy of Karen Horton)

Artists have used postage stamps in art for many years.Their artwork is widely available, and ideas for creating art from postage stamps may be found on many websites.

Creating Art from Postage Stamps

Many artists and craftspeople create beautiful pieces using postage stamps as a primary material. Visual artists such as Paul Edlin, Donald Evans, and Yao Shaowu have incorporated actual postage stamps in their paintings.

Common Uses for Postage Stamps

Postage stamps are used in collages and may be found frequently in folk art.

Postage Stamp Reproductions

Stamp reproductions are used as wall art.

Thematic Plaques or Wall Hangings

Postage stamps are used in the creation of plaques or wall hangings reflecting a specific theme. A framed series of baseball cards might also include a section of baseball-related stamps.

Postage Stamps in Jewelry

Postage stamps are used jewellery (bracelets, pendants, and brooches) designs.


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