What are the causes of burning & aching feet?

Written by meadow marie | 13/05/2017

The pain from burning feet can keep you up at night and can be a source of continuous pain. There are many reasons why a person's feet will ache and burn. The cause can is usually common and easy to fix. However, there are some more serious reasons behind this ailment.

Common Causes

Some of the more common reasons behind burning feet are having been on your feet all day and being overweight. If your foot is hot and sweaty, a burning feeling might be experienced.


People with diabetes often develop neuropathy (nerve damage) and will experience the pain of burning and achy feet.

Skin Conditions

Athlete's foot or other fungal infections can also cause burning feet. Also, people with sensitive skin have a reaction to chemicals or substances in shoes and socks.

Serious Causes

Blood disorders, nerve entrapment, neuropathy and vitamin deficiencies can be some of the more serious reasons. Also, liver, thyroid and kidney problems could be the cause.

Easy Solutions

Cotton socks and properly fitting shoes are ways to help remedy the situation. Also, remember to avoid long periods of standing and try wearing shock-absorbing insoles.

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