About narcissistic men

Updated April 17, 2017

A narcissistic personality is characterised as grandiosity behaviour, exploitation of others, self-centered attitude and an inability to feel empathy. Men make up 75 per cent of the population of narcissistic individuals.


The diagnosing manual used by psychiatrists and psychologists lists 10 personality traits associated with the diagnosis of narcissism. Seven out of these 10 will warrant a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder.


Narcissistic men tend to have a heightened sense of superiority and entitlement. In Western society it is acceptable for males to behave aggressively; narcissism takes this behaviour to a larger scale.


The root of narcissism is low self-esteem. Defense mechanisms develop to protect the male from embarrassment or exposure of his real self through narcissistic thought and behaviours.


Faulty parenting may contribute to the development of the narcissistic male. Overindulgence, spoiling, inadequate discipline and encouraging a false sense of identity in childhood are believed to lead to narcissistic traits and disorder.

Recognising Narcissism

Narcissistic men are not capable of accepting responsibility for failure and will attempt to place blame on others. They will display arrogant and manipulative behaviours hidden behind the facade of being concerned or helpful.

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