Revitalash Side Effects

Updated February 21, 2017

Revitalash is a cosmetic eyelash-conditioning product used to make lashes longer and thicker. Like other eyelash conditioners, Revitalash causes concerns about its safety and its potential risk of side effects.


In 2007, a product similar to Revitalash called Age Intervention Eyelash was recalled by the FDA because it contained an ingredient called bimatoprost that caused optic-nerve damage in some users, according to USA Recall News. At this time, Revitalash voluntarily pulled its own product from the shelves and released it once more with a new formulation.

Effects of the Reformulation

Revitalash's voluntary recall, and the controversy surrounding harmful ingredients in eyelash conditioners raise some concern over the safety of Revitalash's new formula among consumers.


The manufacturer's website for Revitalash states that the eyelash conditioner is safe, citing that the product does not get into your eyes and therefore does not pose a risk of side effects or complications to medical conditions. The manufacturer does mention possible darkening of the eyelids at the base of your eyelashes as a possible harmless side effect, along with a slight risk of allergic reactions.

Ingredient Safety

One of the ingredients Revitalash contains is phenoxyethanol, a substance listed on the International Chemical Safety Standards chart as posing a risk for eye redness and pain. Another ingredient, chlorphenesin, has the potential to cause potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, according to


The manufacturer of Revitalash suggests that some users should consult with their doctor before using the product, including people with a history of cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma, contact lenses, loss of eyelashes, eye infections like blepharitis and a psychological condition that causes pulling out your eyelashes known as trichotillomania. Over all, it is best to consult your ophthalmologist or doctor before using Revitalash, regardless of your health or pre-existing conditions.

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