The Normal Blood Pressure Range for Men

Blood pressure represents the pressure that blood coursing through the arteries places against the artery walls. The results of a blood pressure check are recorded by two numbers. Generally, a baseline number considered normal range is the same for men and women.


Blood pressure is measured by two numbers, systolic and diastolic. The top number, systolic, represents the pressure when the heart is beating; and the bottom number, diastolic, is the pressure between heartbeats.


Ideally, the numbers should be at or below 119 systolic and 79 diastolic (119/79 mmHg [millimetres of mercury]) for adult men and women.


According to the American Heart Association, systolic pressure for the adult male remains the same as women, less than 120.


The lower number represents the diastolic measurement, and 79 or below is considered normal for an adult male.


The risk for high blood pressure is greater as people age. High blood pressure can cause serious health issues, including major concerns like heart disease and stroke.


Committing to a healthy lifestyle, eating a well-balanced diet and regular activity are key components to maintaining a normal blood pressure.

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